[Premiere] K.Raydio – Freefall [Prod. by Blamsiss]

Minneapolis genre-bending artist, producer and all around creative K.Raydio needs no introduction. A well-known, respected and very sought after collaborator not only by her peers in Minneapolis but all over the world. In the rare chance that you are not familiar with her and her discography, here is a lite summary for you. K.Radyio is an extremely talented musician, who has shared stages with likes of Marsha Ambrosuis, Ryan Leslie and is most notably known for her amazing and very note-worthy collaboration project with Psymun titled ‘LucidDreamingSkylines‘. The release of this project lead to both Psymun and K.Radyio performing at Soundset (2014) and open the doors to great opportunities for both their careers. It was an amazing journey for both artists and K.Radyio is well documented in saying, “That LucidDreamingSkylines changed her life in many ways”. She followed up that project with another amazing collaboration project with Minneapolis based producer O-D titled ‘One Drop‘. Also highly praised and a very well referenced work of hers.

Since the release of ‘One Drop’, K.Raydio hadn’t released much music, she did some amazing features with other artists but nothing that was solely hers. K.Radyio encountered a few road blocks in her personal life that hindered and in certain situations depleted her ability to do what it is she loves to do the most. Make beautiful music. Of recent, she has been performing more and trying to find her footing again within a scene that she dominates and knows how to navigate very well. Today, she released a new song, Freefall produced by the amazing and very talented producer Blamsiss. K.Raydio said this about how her collaboration with Blamsiss came about, “Blamsiss had approached me about doing a song together a long time ago. He had supported me in the crowd at many past shows and I really enjoyed hearing one of his beat sets. I shared with him that my life was going through many transitions and that I wanted to write something that reflected that. He went in on the production for the song and we created this.” She also expressed to me that, ” This song is a reflection of the physical & mental toll that it can take on a person’s life who wants to make it.” This is very evident in the lyrics of the song and the cadence in which she performs it in.This song will be part of a series of Soundcloud releases with a few producers leading up to the release of her new project, which will drop this fall (2016).

Check out more of K. Radyio’s music on Soundcloud and stay updated with everything K. Radyio via her FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Let me know what you think of K. Radyio and her music; comment below or tweet me (@thelitestyle). Make sure K.Raydio upcoming performances at Bump, Dance Party (7/1), The Klit-uation, Dance Party (7/15) and Snuggfest, Music Festival (7/23). More shows and events will announced soon.

Till then ‘Freefall’ with K.Raydio as you listen to her latest musical offering below:

Written & Performed by: K.Raydio
Produced by: Blamsiss (@blamsiss)
Lasers by: John Shrimpnose (@johnshrimpnose)
Artwork by: Phib (@phib_bonacci)