Soundset Announces Last Of The Record Buyers Showcase 2016

Soundset is fast approaching and everyone is preparing for the annual Hip Hop mega-festival and it’s new venue at the MN State Fairgrounds. Following the recent release of the line-up official Before and After Soundset Party, Rhymesayers are keeping the moment going. They just announced the line-up for the Last Of The Record Buyers showcase, a very pivotal aspect of the Soundset festivity.  This showcase is presented and hosted by Big Quarters, this showcase is a chance for producers to show their art form on a huge platform. The Last Of The Record Buyers has featured some of the biggest names in beat production in the region and this year’s line-up continues in that same standard.

These are the participants in this year’s Last Of The Record Buyers Showcase:

Big Cats x Eric Mayson
Greg Grease
Adept x Sloslylove
Talia Knight
Garlic Brown
Orko Eloheim
Frankie Bash
Johnny Shrimpnose
Rich Lee X

Be sure to get your tickets to Soundset 2016 at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul on May 29th and arrive early because The Last Of The Record Buyers showcase is from  12pm -1:30pm.