Paula DeAnda – Believe In Love [New Song]

There are some artists whose music, voice, and sound always impress you, Paula DeAnda is one of those artists to me. I paid homage to DeAnda earlier this year in my Lite Listen #TBT post because I believe Jojo, Asia Cruise, Teena Maria, DeAnda and a few others laid the blueprint for many of the emerging R&B and Pop stars today. This year, Paula released her song Don’t Stop and was featured on Canadian Emcee Honey Cocaine’s #TheGiftRap EP just to name a few things she has worked on. She recently put out a new song titled Believe In Love produced by “D Lux” Burgess. DeAnda sings about a special somebody in her life that makes her want to love without limits and boundaries. I have always been a fan of DeAnda’s and I never really understood the series of events that led to her not being as big of a star as she once was. I hope to see her get more recognition and also put out another full length project. People can say what they want about DeAnda, but the fact remains that her self-titled debut album was a HIT with classics on it. Nobody can take that away from her.

Listen to Deanda as she sways you to Believe in Love again in her new song below.

Image via Paula DeAnda’s Facebook.