#SpotLite Artist: DomOnEarth


SpotlIte: DomOnEarth

Hey Lovelites,

I’m back again with my SpotLite initiative. My previous SpotLite posts on TIAAN Eli Ingram, and Young Lou are some of  the most read posts on the blog, check them out if you haven’t already. I plan on doing more SpotLite artist posts because I know a lot of new artists and music I would love to share. I’m also open to suggestions. The SpotLite artist this week is Dominic Ramacher aka DomOnEarth. Dom was actually referred to me by Young Lou, who has been featured on the blog a few times. Lou told me a little bit about Dom and sent me his music.  After listening to his music extensively and getting to know Dom a little better myself, I knew that I had to make him the next Spotlite Artist. Dom is originally from Minnesota, then moved away for school and to play football and is back now working on some new music and is looking to share to his music and art.

Dom is getting ready to release a new mixtape titled 235 any day now. This mixtape was done in collaboration with his group Heavy Sekt which is comprised of himself and his brother Keiondre Ballard. This mixtape is a passion project for them both as it narrates their musical journey together. The title is 235 is significant because it is the number to the apartment both Kei and Dom lived in when they both decided to take their music seriously. This was also the beginning of the creative process for this mixtape. The title of this mixtape is very symbolic and intentional, this thoughtful mindset and cohesion echoes throughout Dom’s music. Dom prides himself in being able to make music about his personal life and experiences. It is also not a coincidence that this project came together as a collaborative effort between himself and Kei Ballards, because Kei has played a significant part in igniting Dom’s passion for music. Dom and Kei write and produce all their music and that is also true of this new project 235, with the exception of one track that was produced by Vern.

I have had the privilege to preview a few songs of 235 and I was thoroughly impressed not only by the content of the music, but also by the production. It is very unique and exceeded my expectations. The project is very honest; Dom puts his uncensored opinions, emotions, perceptions, narrations of events, relationships, and life events in the forefront while making this project. Even though Dom hasn’t been making music for too long, he knows the dedication and character that is required to be able to make quality and meaningful music. Dom told me that, “he wants to people to be able listen to his music and feel something”, whether good or bad he wants to evoke a feeling in his listeners.  I can personally say that after listening to Dom’s music that it not only evoked emotions, but it also expanded my reasoning on a few things as well. I wasn’t surprised by this because some of Dom’s favorite artists are: Mick Jenkins, Vince Staples, Lucki Eck$ just to name a few so it make sense that he is able to approach and execute his music in the manner that he does. Dom’s music is easy to listen too and the concepts behind them are easy to grasp. it’s a testament to his creativity and talent that he is able to make effortless music. Dom and Kei have put together a quality project and I look forward to seeing how it is received when it’s released.  Dom and Kei are looking to collaborate, perform, and connect with fellow artists and like-minded individuals while they are here in Minneapolis for the summer. So if you like what you hear and have read about them make sure to send some love their way.

You can listen to Dom’s music on his Soundcloud. His new project 235 will be on his Soundcloud when it is released.  Also follow him on twitter (@DomOnEarthh). Let me know what you think of DomOnEarthh  and his music; comment below or tweet me (@thelitestyle). As we anticipate the release of his new mixtape, here are a few singles of the project.