JMSN – The Blue Album Tour with Rochelle Jordan (Review)

The JMSN Blue Album Flyer


Hey Lovelites,

It’s with great pleasure that I’m reviewing JMSN and his Blue Album Tour stop in Minneapolis with Rochelle Jordan alongside their latest projects. The show was at Triple Rock  Social Club. DJ Tiiiiiiiiiiip opened up the show with an awesome set featuring early 90s and 2000s R&B/slow jams. It set the tone for a good night of music ahead. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiip also played between sets to keep the momentum and ambiance of the night going. The opening act was a Minneapolis-based R&B singer named Jon Jones, I heard about Jon earlier this week when I was listening to 4seen Radio. Jon performed his song The One that Isn’t True and few other songs, one of which had a little ode to Juvenille’s Back That Thang Up. He also did a cover to Usher’s You Remind Me. It was then that I made up my mind that I like this guy. All jokes aside, Jon had a good set and I look forward to seeing him perform more in the cities and grow as an artist.

Following Jon’s set, Rochelle Jordan took the stage. Rochelle Jordan is a singer-songwriter and producer; she was born in the UK and raised in Toronto. I found out about Rochelle’s music on SoundCloud last year and have followed her music ever since. Her set was very simple; it was just her and her DJ/Music Producer. She was in control of her sound and worked the stage like a rock star. Rochelle a.k.a ROJO performed songs off both of her most recent projects Killah and 1021, which you can check out on her SoundCloud. Some of songs she performed were: Killah, Days Ones, LowKey, Follow Me, Good One, Playa 4 Life, Ease Your Mind and a few others. She also debuted a new song titled Something or Nothing, which she said would be coming out really soon. I look forward to hearing the CDQ of that song because it sounded really good live.

Last but certainly not least, JMSN took the stage after ROJO. I’ll start things off with a lite summary of JMSN. JMSN (pronounced Jameson) formerly known as Christian TV, is a singer-songwriter and producer that hails from Detroit and currently resides in Los Angeles. He is the founder and owner of Indie record label White Room Records, which operates out of his home studio. JMSN is a multi-talented artist; he  produced, mixed, and engineered both his debut album Priscilla and his latest album JMSN-The Blue Album. He is also a videographer and directed the music videos that have accompanied both of his albums. JMSN’s immense talent and music hasn’t gone unnoticed,  he has been fortunate enough to collaborate and be featured on music with some great talents in the music industry, including: Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid, M.A.A.D City), AB-Soul (These Days),  Tyga (Hotel California), Ta-Ku (LFTF EP), Sango, Kastle, and Kaytranada, just to name a few.

JMSN- The Blue Album was released on December 9th, 2014; this album marks a new chapter in his musical journey: finding his niche and being comfortable and confident with the kind of music he is making. JMSN had a pretty simple set as well, with only his drummer (Christopher) and bassist (Ronnie) on stage with him. He also played an acoustic guitar and orchestrated his music on stage with other devices. Some songs he performed are: My Way, Addicted, Bout it, Street Sweeper, Waves, Score, Love and Pain and a few other songs. JMSN is a great live performer; he interacted with the crowd, engaged in a chant with crowd after one of his songs and invited fans on stage to dance and vibe out with him after he performed the last song of his set. There were a few hecklers and distractions during his set but JMSN handled everything well and put on a great show. His drummer and guitar players really helped bring out the authenticity and emotion of JSMN’s music. JSMN is still on tour throughout the U.S and will be heading to Europe over the summer as well. If you are a fan of his music I encourage you to go see him live in a city near you. You will be glad you did. Check out his SoundCloud for his music. Overall, I thought this was a cohesive and wholesome show, each artist complemented each other. They all performed a commendable amount of songs from their catalogs and it was nice to see how people responded them.

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Image: Basil Presents & Greenroom Magazine