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Hey Lovelites,

I’m bringing the lite back, SpotLite that is. I got positive responses from my previous SpotLite posts on TIAAN and Eli Ingram, if you haven’t already check them out. It’s a new year and I plan on being more consistent with this intiative because I have a lot of new artist and music I’d love to share with you all. Today the SpotLite is on MN’s own, Young Lou. Maolu “Young Lou” Woiwor, is an 18-year-old up and coming hip-hop artist in the twin cities who is starting to making a name for himself in the music scene. In addition to be a talented artist, Lou is also an outstanding athlete as well. This past march, he won his 3rd consecutive MN High School State Wrestling Championship. Lou is widely recognized for his athleticism and is now being recognized for his passion in music. The video for his song ‘Come Alive’ off his latest project Conscious Conversations was featured on CityPages “Top 10 must-see MN music videos this week” recently and he was also on Soul Tools Radio, where he took the Bar Exam.

His project Conscious Conversations consist of 10 tracks; these tracks are well produced and the content of the music is executed nicely. A lot of the content on this project was written last summer and it was recorded in the fall. The project was then released earlier this year. This project chronicles a young kid who is living his life with a purpose; he knows what he wants from life and he is going to get it. He talks about the challenges of being young and trying to focus on music and the preconceived notions that come along with that.  Drugs, alcohol, girls, and money are just some of things he highlights that people around him think are important. They think those things are what is needed to be popular, respected, and to be part of a culture.  But Lou knows that there is much more to life and music than that.

There is a lot of depth in Lou’s lyrics; he touches on serious topics like race, stereotypes, origins, and culture on this project. This is befitting because Lou is of African descent; so he is able to speak about how he perceives and navigates life through his own cultural view and experiences in his music. He also has very boisterous lyrics on some of his songs; it’s evident that he thinks highly of his music and his artistic skills. Lou is a part of the Loud Posse, which consists of himself and Shadow. This is a collective of individuals who are dedicated, passionate, and determined to attain greatness in every aspect of life. How they can lose with a mindset like that? Lou is eons ahead of his time and I’m excited to see him grow and succeed with his music.  Keep your eyes on him, Lou got next!

If you haven’t already, listen to Young Lou’s project ‘Conscious Conversations ‘ below on SoundCloud and you can also download it on Datpiff. Let me know what you think of Young Lou and his music; Comment below or tweet me TLO (@thelitestyle) and let me know your favorite songs and your thoughts.

Favorite Songs: Come Alive, The Race, Love Me, My Side, and Posse with me

Image: Loud Posse’s Facebook Page.


Update: Vote for Young ‘ Lou and Shadow (Loud Posse) perform  at this year’s University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Spring Jam this year! Support Lou. Vote here: