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We are doing things differently this time! Seeing that my girl SKO (@DontCallMEma_am) was in charge of Onika Appreciation Week, we decided to do a joint album review of The PinkPrint album. I hope you enjoy our respective views on this album. If you haven’t already, go and listen to Nicki’s new album “The PinkPrint”. Let us know what you think of Nicki Minaj  and her album; Comment below or tweet me @thelitestyle or  SKO (@DontCallMEma_am) and let us know what your favorite songs are and thoughts.


Think #Pinkprint with TLO and SKO

What was your first impression of the album?

TLO: My first impression of this album was that it was nice and Nicki did her good singing and rapping on it. I didn’t really know what to expect from this album because of the singles: Anaconda and Pills N Potion. I said if those singles were any reflection of  what was on the album then it wouldn’t be great. But i’m happy that Nicki dispelled my negative mindset and gave us some really good music.

SKO: My first impression of the Pinkprint was that there was something on here for everyone. Whether you’re hip-hop head, ballad lover, or pop listener, numerous genres are present on the album. Like TLO said, after hearing the singles I really did not know what to expect. Personally I am a big fan of Nicki’s rapping and I was satisfied with the amount of hip-hop songs on the album. Nicki really proved that she was a real artist with her range of songs on the album.

What is your favorite song?

TLO: tough question.. I have a few and it changes every day depending on my mood. I’d say: Bed of Lies, Want Some More, Four Door Aventador, Trini Dem Girls ft. LunchMoney Lewis, Buy A Heart ft. Meek Mill.

SKO: Definitely Four Door Aventador! No doubt about that. The beat, the flows, I love everything about it. It’s Nicki returning to her roots and it goes off.

Do you have a favorite line or beat?

TLO: Favorite line would be, “Ask Jay who he married, 80,000 in Paris, stadiums with Queen B and that selfie got them Aggy”- Shanghai and ” Is pigs flying? Is these bitches trying me? They think it’s sweet? Oh, these bitches got diabetes! You seen that list? It was me, Baby, Jay Z and Diddy” – Want Some More. Favorite beat: Want Some More and 4-Door Aventador

SKO: Favorite beat has to be Want Some More from Metro Boomin’. I Lied and Truffle Butter are also worth mentioning.

What is your least favorite song? Why?

TLO: Anaconda and Pills N Potions! I feel like those songs were very hyped and gimmicky songs. I think it’s because of songs like these two that make people question her as an Artist all around. Every other song on this album I actually liked; There were some songs I didn’t think necessarily need to be on the album, but I still liked them.

SKO: Pills n’ Potions missed the mark for me. Although it got radio play it wasn’t what I expected from Nicki; after all her freestyles and features a pop hit came out of left field. Win Again is also low on my list. It sounds like it should have been on one of the re-releases of Pink Friday.

Now the singles (Pills n’ Potions, Anaconda, Bed of Lies, Only), were they well-chosen and representative of the record?

TLO: I touched on this subject a little in my previous response in regards to Pills N’ Potion and Anancoda. I personally don’t think they needed to be on the album and I definitely think they are poor representations of the album. I was hestiatant to listen to this album because of those two singles and I skip them when I listen to the album because it throws of the vibe of the album for me. I think Bed of Lies and Only are much better representations of the album to me; they show the perspectives and direction that Nicki was going with the album more accurately.

SKO: I was surprise at the singles and how they represented the album. Three of the four were very pop heavy and the one Nicki did rap in she was only featured on one verse. With the circumstances surrounding the album, receiving a release date and being pushed back, I understand why there were so many.

Which songs would you have put out as singles?

TLO: I would have put Bed of Lies, Want Some More, and Only. I think these songs represent the record well and would have given the fans a better idea of what to expect from the album. The fans would know to expect more ballad type songs, really good hip-hop songs , and top-notch features.

SKO: Well TLO hit the nail on the head here, I also would have kept Bed of Lies and Only and added Want Some More because of its street play capability. Anaconda didn’t produce any more hype for the album in my opinion and it would have been more of a hidden gem for fans once the album dropped.

Thoughts on the albums flow and production.

TLO: I thought the production on this album was impeccable! I know Nicki worked with the best of the best i.e Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It, Hit-Boy, Zaytoven, Boi-1da, Dr. Luke to name a few. These are very well-respected names in the game and listening to this record you can see why they are seen in that regard. Good Stuff. I definitely think the sequencing of the album was a little off. For example, I didn’t like ‘Pills N Potions’ before ‘Bed Of Lies’. it was little things like that could have made the album more cohesive to me.

SKO: The production was top-notch, I think its safe to say most of YMCMB overhead is funneled to Nicki and Drake and it really showed. Nicki’s production is one of the things that keeps her at the top of the game. The first half of the album flowed really well for me

From what you’ve heard, how has the album been received by Nicki fans?

TLO and SKO: Nicki can do no wrong to her Barbz, they love her and are very supportive of her records and this record is no different. I’ve heard really positive things about the album so far and I’ve heard some  people like it but still have some reservations about it, rightfully so. But overall good things.

What’s next up for Nicki Minaj?

TLO: I know she is going on tour with Trey Songz in Europe top of the year next year and after that she will make her way back to the states to the next leg of her tour. I’m excited for that! Nicki recently sat down with Angie Martinez at Power 105.1 and she said she’d like to tour with two rappers *fingers crossed* Sounds like something good is in the works. Nicki is making Bo$$ moves.

SKO: Nicki also recently sat down with Elliot Wilson in his CRWN series. The in-depth interview gave a lot of background into The Pinkprint and Nicki’s life. The Pinkprint movie also just came out!


Image: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

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