Marsha Ambrosius – Friends & Lovers Tour (Review)


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This past Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing the lovely Marsha Ambrosius as her Friends and Lovers Tour made it’s stop at Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis. I was very excited because in addition to being a big fan of Marsha, Her Friends and Lovers album is one of the first albums I reviewed when I started this blog! Check it out my review of the album here, if you haven’t already. It was only right for me to go to the concert and make it a full circle experience for myself and my blog. I’m very familiar with Marsha’s Catalogue from Floetry till now, and I can say the same about one of her opening acts BJ the Chicago Kid.

I found out about BJ over a year ago when Necole Bitchie featured him as a new artist on her blog. After that I downloaded all his mixtapes and I’ve been a fan ever since. The other opening act for the show was KING; they are a soul singing girl group. I first came across KING on the cover of Greenroon Magazine but I never looked into their music. But after I saw them perform at Marsha’s concert I knew I had to pay attention to them! They sounded amazing and were good performers as well. I really enjoyed their set a lot. They  mentioned towards the end of their set that Minnesota was one of their homes and I was so excited! That was another thing I didn’t know. I love seeing artists from MN thrive, it’s such a beautiful thing. Some of the songs they performed were: In the Meantime, The Story, and Mister Chameleon.

Here are some pics of King:

IMG_6217             IMG_6224

Next Up was BJ The Chicago Kid, BJ had a great stage presence and he performed songs from Pineapple Now N Laters, did some classic covers and Studio (The Schoolboy Q song he is featured on). When BJ performed Studio the crowd really went up!  A lot of people didn’t know it was him that sang on Studio, so it was fun to see them come to the realization. BJ got a kick out of that as well. It was nice to see him perform live and see what his stage presence is like. I usually know whether or not someone is a true artist based on their  stage presence during a live performance. BJ was on point. I look forward to his future projects, I know he has a few things in the works.

Here are some pics of BG The Chicago Kid:

IMG_6231           IMG_6235

Last but certainly not least, Marsha Ambrosius aka Ms. Ambrosius if you nasty as I like to call her. Marsha was so real during her performance and I wasn’t expecting anything less. I have heard the Friends and Lovers album numerous times and I’m familiar with her catalog and I was in awe of her set. I knew every song and her voice! Her voice was crystal, it sounded so smooth. Her set was intimate, personal, direct and authentic; which is a vivid reflection of Marsha herself. Marsha connected with crowd, she was like our home girl! She interacted with crowd, shared stories (personal, funny, and otherwise). She shared some very interesting hashtags with the crowd like: #Sidechickproblems #sophisticatedratchet, and  #thotbehvior. She said some funny and real-life things that inspired those hashtags and it made some people in the building evaluate themselves. All in all it was very entertaining and Marsha knows how to put on a show. Some songs she performed are: So Good, Night Time, 69, “Shoes”, Stronger, You and I, Far Away, Hope She Cheats on You, and I Want You to Stay ( MJ Tribute). I thoroughly enjoyed this show in it’s entirety and I’m glad I went. It was a pleasure seeing Marsha perform live, I encourage everyone to catch Marsha on tour when she is in a city near you! I promise you’re in for a great show.

Here are some pics of Marsha:

   IMG_6247_Fotor   IMG_6259_Fotor IMG_6272_Fotor

All images: The Litestyle Observer


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