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I’m back with another spotlight artist! I got a lot of positive feedback about my other spotlite artist: TIAAN and Eli Ingram so I decided to bring it back. This weeks Spotlite Artist is Allen Stone. I was introduced to Allen’s about two weeks ago by good friend and frequent #TLO contributor SKO (@DontcallMEma_am). We were fortunate enough to see him in concert at Fine Line Music Cafe on October 19th and it was a great. So it is only right that I let my girl SKO write this post on Allen. I hope you enjoy the post and go check out Allen’s music, he is a talented artist.


Allen Stone is a R&B/Soul artist who’s been on the scene for a few years hailing from Washington state. He is the kind of artist you just have to hear. I can go on and on about his vocal skills, stage presence, and writing skills but it won’t measure up to you hearing him on the track. Anthonia (TLO) and I were able to catch him while he and his band were on tour here in Minneapolis last weekend. Allen stressed the idea of real people, real instruments, and real music; he and his very talented band serenaded us for a good hour and a half with hits like Sleep, What I’ve Seen, Celebrate Tonight, Say So, and a new joint called Fake Future, which will be featured on his upcoming Radius. Check out Allen’s music and be on the look out for his new album Radius.


An added bonus to this Artist Spotlite is one of Allen Stone’s opening bands: Bad Rabbits

This 5 piece band out of Boston set the tone for the night, with upbeat  dance songs that had the entire crowd moving. There was no way you could stand still while these guys were on stage. The lead singer Dua serenaded us with his falsetto and slick dance moves with his guitarists. We Can Roll, Dance Moves, and Dirty were just a few of the jams they graced us with off their album American Love (which I highly suggest). Check out Bad Rabbits on their SoundCloud page.


 Bottom Image: Bad Rabbits Facebook Page.

Top Images: The Litestyle Observer

-SKO (@DontcallMEma_am)

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