Caroline Smith and Lizzo Concert Review


Hey Lovelites!

First of all, I want to thank everybody who shared, entered, and checked out my FIRST GIVEAWAY. My giveaway was for tickets to the Caroline Smith and Lizzo show on 9/26 and… *drumroll* Shout out to Rachel Olson for winning the tickets. You’re awesome! I was fortunate enough to go both shows (9/26-9/27) and it was a great time. I was right at the front of the stage and able to soak in every bit of the awesomeness of the show. I attended the show on Friday with my girl SKO (friend of the blog) and on Saturday with  my  girls SKO (again) and Ashley O. I’m happy that I got to share this experience with them. Now to decipher the shows.

First of all, Shannon Blowtorch and Sophia Eris (Grrrl Prty) warmed up the crowd as TAWST. They did their DJ set side by side, it is a cool concept and they have good chemistry. They warmed up the crowd and got us hyped for the #Carolizzoshow. Caroline’s band and back-up singers, Lazerbreak (DJ), and Sophia Eris (Grrrl Prty) were on hand to support both artists on stage for both of their individual and joint sets. Caroline and Lizzo set it off with their new song “Let Em Say” which got the crowd excited. Then Caroline and Lizzo had individual sets where they played songs from their individual catalogs.  They also hopped on each other songs, like “All that I know is (I’m your baby) and Half about Being a Woman where Lizzo blessed the crowd with some bars and some harmonizing! It was a beautiful marriage of music and sounds. Caroline also performed: Tank Top, Bloodstyle, Child of Moving On ( A Stripped down version) and more. Caroline did that fun “Pizza Skit” she does before she performs “Buy Me Something”. That skit never gets old to me, I have seen it a few times and I still get excited when she does it. Lizzo did some of her classics like “Batches and Cookies”, “Buspasses and Happy Meals”, “Bloodlines” and more.

Lizzo performed a lil special something for the crowd; she played her flute before she performed the song “bloodlines” in honor of her late dad. It was a very emotional performance and the sincerity in that moment was very evident. Another surprise was the that ladies of Grrrl Party (Sophia Eris, Manchita and Phunk Princess) joined Lizzo and Caroline on stage for the ladies anthem, “You’re a F**king asshole”. That was awesome. Grrrl Prty also performed some of their songs as well and that was great. It’s always wonderful  watching these ladies perform. Some of the highlights of the show for me were when Caroline, Lizzo, Grrl Prty and a few of their friends recreated a scene from Caroline’s music video for her song “Magazine”. The ladies flooded the stage in their under garments and the crowd went wild. Then when performed Lizzo Performed “Bus Passes and Happy Meals” with Tickle Torture;  I twerked so hard that I pulled a muscle in my back, at least I think I did. Tickle Torture is a master in the art of “twerking”, He really puts his back into it. That was so much fun!! Finally, when the ladies “closed out” the show and came back to give an encore performance of “Who Runs the World (Girls) by Beyoncè.  The perfect song to close out this show seeing that the proceeds of the two shows & sales from their joint single ‘Let ‘Em Say’ go to the non-profit Women’s Foundation of Minnesota ( whose mission is to be a “vital force for gender equality.” I have seen both Caroline and Lizzo multiple times this year alone, but I must say that this time was different. Even though I was there for both nights, I still felt entertained and engaged throughout. I enjoyed myself because I saw that Caroline and Lizzo were doing the same, they worked off the crowds energy and vice-versa. It was a great show for a great cause, it  is always a pleasure seeing these two ladies perform. This one was definitely one for the books.
Catch some flicks from the both nights below:
IMG_5697_Fotor IMG_5719 IMG_5729 IMG_5699 IMG_5770 IMG_5777 IMG_5839_Fotor IMG_5803

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