Chris Brown – X (Album Review)


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Happy #Xthealbum release week. First of all let me start by saying that I couldn’t be more excited about this album. I have had it and been listening to it for almost a week now. S/O to my connect. ;-). I hope by now that it’s evident that I don’t post things in a haste, especially my album reviews. I like to listen and sit with the album for at least 2 days; listen to it in chronological order, on shuffle and inside out. That process wasn’t anything different withChristopher Maurice Brown’s X Album.

The X Album was officially released this Tuesday 9/16 and it shot to the top of the charts, rightfully so. This album is definitely one of my favorite albums alongside Graffiti, Fortune and his self-titled debut album Chris Brown. I say this because Chris used the classic album approach in putting this album together; sensible features, great interludes, solo songs, and a lot of music. How many people put 21 songs on their albums?  In 2014! Not a lot. I definitely appreciated the fact there was a lot of tracks on the album because after I finished listened to it in its entirety, I fully understood the concept behind the album. I didn’t have any questions besides wanting to know if he will release a full version of The Lady in the Glass Dress Interlude (track 11). I love that interlude.  This is a wholesome body of work and I couldn’t be happier for Chris. The only comment I have is that he should have arranged the songs differently to make it sound a little more cohesive. Besides that he sang his face off in this album and reclaimed his place as a vocalist (not that anyone questioned that).

I try to stay away from reading other album reviews because I don’t want the ideas of others to influence my perspective, but this time I did. I read a few reviews of this album and I must say that I felt they were reviewing Chris’s life more than his music. Don’t title your article “X the Album Review” and begin to go into detail about his personal life! Let his music do it’s work and speak for itself. Chris’s personal life is not my business, I care about his music and that’s all I’ll comment on. Did he put out a great body of work with The Album X? Yes! Is he killing these features/hooks? Yes! Is he still dancing like a young MJ? Yes! That’s all I’m interested in. Congrats to Chris on his sixth album and I look forward to seeing him and Trey Songz on tour soon.

Favorite Tracks: New Flame Ft Usher and Rick Ross, Lost in ya Love, Drunk Texting Ft. Jhene Aiko, Songs on 12 Play Ft. Trey Songz, Do Better Ft Brandy, and Came To Do Ft. Akon


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