Chris Brown Appreciation Week!

Hey Lovelites!

I’m celebrating the release of Chris Brown’s sixth! Yes sixth studio album #Xthealbum. To kick off my personal excitement for this project, My girl S.K wrote this post and it made me smile. I hope it does the same for you all too. Enjoy and let’s anticipate #xthealbum together.


About a month ago Chris Brown released a visual to his single New Flame featuring Usher and Rick Ross, off his upcoming album X. When my friend Anthonia, your lovely Litestyle Observer Creator, showed me the video I had to ask if it was a project of her own?! Everything about it, not only the song but also the video was so HER! From the lyrics “Who said you can’t find love in the club? ‘Cause I wanna tell them they’re wrong”, to the clean white outfits against the blue water, solo and group dance sequences, and Rick Ross sitting on that throne shirtless letting it all hang out.

The video personifies Anthonia, she’s a die hard Chris Brown stan, so when those dance moves were mixed in with Usher and Ricky Rozay it was the perfect example of her. It doesn’t stop at the video though, the lyrics to the song are simple but speak volumes. Finding love in a club may not be what many of us are looking for, but when Usher sings “baby girl, where’s your lover?
Oh, it don’t really matter ’cause I got plans to get to know you better”  
I imagine it would be hard to walk away 😉 If you know Anthonia, you know she has a fondness for the romance, and New Flame brings the romance!

I personally am not a huge Chris Brown fan but this song is so catchy, after Anthonia persuaded me to watch I was humming “Baby try a new thing, and let’s spark a new flame” for days!

Check out the video above

– S.K (@DontcallMEma_am)

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