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In the words of Drake, “How much time is this n***a spending on a intro?”. The answer to the question will be as much time as he needs.  Earlier this year, Meek Mill did an interview with the Breakfast Club. During this interview he was asked if he was scared that the intro of his new album wouldn’t live up to that of his previous album “Dreams and Nightmare”. This intro has been acclaimed by many including his peers as:


Meek assured the Breakfast Club that he wasn’t worried about his intro and that he had already recorded the intro for his new album. I look forward to hearing it because he raised the bar really high with the Dreams and Nightmare intro. Will Meek elevate the bar even more or fall short? We’ll see when his  new album Dreams Worth More than Money comes out on 9/9/14. The intro to an album really sets the tone for the album, so it definitely has to be strong. In the spirit of Intros, I put together a list of some intros from my favorite rap albums released last year (2013).

These Intros are:

Chance the Rapper – Good A$$ Intro ( Acid Rap)

Dom Kennedy – Let’s Be Friends (Get Home Safely)

Drake – Tuscan Leather (NWTS)

Pusha T – King Push (MNIMN)

J. Cole – Villuminati (Born Sinner)

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I’m proud to say that I’ve seen Drake, Pusha T, and Dom Kennedy in concert. Great shows! I look forward to seeing  J.Cole and Chance in concert in the near future *fingers crossed*

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