Spring Break Flashback – San Diego 2014


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In case y’all don’t know Minnesota winters are downright unbearable. The snow, the ice, and the freezing temperatures are more than enough to drive anyone to daydream about a vacation. This spring my girls and I decided to escape from the cold and head out to sunny San Diego. Let me tell you! When we got on the plane it was no more than 32 degrees and when we got off it was over 80! We were in heaven.


I highly recommend San Diego as a vacation destination. While you’re there don’t forget to order a San Diego Go Pass that will allow you access to an array of sites and activities SD has to offer.

Our first day there we ventured to the island of Coronado. Located only a bridge away from downtown SD, Coronado is an upscale side of town with residential areas as well as spots for tourists. Here we rented kayaks for an hour and hit the Bay. Views of downtown, the Padres baseball stadium, and the San Diego-Coronado Bridge offered an amazing backdrop. After that, we set off for the nationally known San Diego Zoo. It was unbelievable, spreading out along the outskirts of the city (a bit of a drive FYI) it was a beautiful place to walk around and soak up the sunshine. Next we hit up Belmont Park, a mini amusement park and boardwalk.


The next morning we set out early because we were going whale watching! We were all a bit unsure what the cruise had to offer but once we got on our guide told us everything we needed to know, and we even saw a couple whales! Once we got off the boat we hit the road to La Jolla beach. La Jolla is a picturesque California town, complete with mountains, cute shops, and of course the beach. Stretching as far as you could see and full of people, La Jolla beach is an essential stop while in San Diego.


The rest of the trip we stuck to the Cali lifestyle and went with the flow, more beach time and great food!

Where we ate: In & Out Burger, Phil’s BBQ, Chocolat – Hillcrest, and Days Inn Restaurant.

Where we stayed: Days Inn *don’t knock it, it was actually a great stay*

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