Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour.. (Album Review)


Samuel Frederick Smith.. famously known as Sam Smith. If a Sam Smith song was sung by another  artist would it still sound as sweet? Probably not. I learned about the British crooner when I was listening to the Breakfast Club one morning and Charlamagne mentioned that he was one of his favorite artists right now. I followed up on him after that and came across his Nirvana EP. This is EP has two of my favorite songs that also appear on the album: Money on My Mind and Latch (acoustic). Latch is a song by Disclosure that Sam is featured on, but he also does an amazing acoustic cover of it. I fell in love with his velvety smooth, crisp, distinct, and rich voice. Luckily for me his new album was streaming on NPR First Listen soon after I discovered his EP. it was then that Sam Smith truly had a Latch on me *pun intended*.

This album is very raw and direct; Sam is not holding back his emotions neither is he mincing his words about love or his lover. He singing the words of his heart with no filter and this is what resonates with his listeners. He says things that we think but are scared to say because we fear what will happen if things don’t workout in our favor. His music is bold, sincere and genuine; listening to him is as refreshing as that breath of air you come up for when your swimming. Listen to Sam Smith’s album and hear him give a voice to the words of your heart. I hope I get to see him in concert soon, I know he is touring for this album *fingers crossed*.

Favorite Songs : Leave Your Lover, Stay With Me, Life Support, Money On My Mind, Latch and Not In That Way.

Image from Capitol Records, 2014.

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