Common – Nobody’s Smiling (Album Review)


Yes! Com Sense is on the scene and y’all are not prepared.  Common is heating up the rap scene with his new album that he executive produced alongside his longtime friend and now President of A&R at Def Jam: No I.D. The album title was inspired by God MC Rakim and the urgent state of violence and crime in Common’s Hometown, Chicago. In his recent sit-down with the Combat Jack Show, Common said, “Nobody’s smiling is a call to action”. He accepts the fact that there is a problem in Chicago and is actively working towards making some changes in his city. They don’t call him Common Sense for nothing people, he awakens our consciousness and makes us think. I’m definitely here for it.

This album is about the CHI for real and Common made sure that his audience didn’t miss his point. From putting the CHI’s up and coming MCs Lil Herb and King L on the album cover to Featuring Lil Herb, Malik Yusef and Dreezy on tracks on the album. Common is repping the CHI HARD. One time for the CHI.. Two times for that man Com Sense for this lyrical, thought provoking, fluid, and culture conscious album. I really liked the album and I think Common and NO. ID put together a great body of work. I’m glad they worked together on this album. If you haven’t already listened to this album do yourself a huge favor and go listen!

Favorite tracks: The Neighborhood Ft. Cocaine 80s and Lil Herb, Young Hearts Run Free Ft. Cocaine 80s, Speak My Piece, Kingdom Ft. Vince Staples, Hustle Harder Ft. Snoh Alaegra and Dreezy.

PS. I’ve been listening to some of the artists from the CHI that are featured on this album and they got NEXT. Post coming soon. CHI-TOWN STAND UP!

Image from Def Jam Recordings (ARTium Records), a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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