NO FLEX ZONE!! Cover Wars

Yes Yes Yes people. This is my jam right now and I can’t get enough of it. If you are not already familiar with this song, Go ahead and do so now.


Now some covers that have me straight FLEXIN!

Nicki Minaj


“B***h I’ve been hot since flip phones”,

” I like bad bi**hes cuz they like bi**hes too, I like hood ni**as with a bad attitude”

“Listen up HO this my territory, You are my son like a episode of Maury.. Like a episode ER bi**h I’m hotter than the DR”


Kid Ink Ft Travis Porter & Hardhead


“Can’t fake watch bust a really ni**a, S/O paul wall I’m grillin em”

” No flex we zonin, out this b***h if anybody want it”


Juicy J


“My watch, My rang.. You know what I drank”

“And I’m on that Ass like a Bumper Stick”

“Juicy J, Imma about to go and buy a tour bus for all of my hoes”


Pusha T


YASSSSS! it’s a new week, so get your flex on 😉


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